Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whidbey Island Trip

So we went to Whidbey Island today (where Practical Magic was filmed!) and got horribly sun burned and I'm already getting blisters. Why? Because SOMEONE wanted to walk into town from the ferry instead of TAKING THE BUS. And stupid me was all ok, sure, a walk would be nice. Two bad it was a fucking TWO HOUR WALK.

However, on the way there we did see several bald eagles, red tailed hawks, cows, horses, a blockhouse, and a variety of wild flowers. So that part was cool.

Crockett Blockhouse

Fuck them all!

A bed and breakfast Nick and I once stayed at.

Penn Cove, where Lolita was captured. Made me sad just being there.

I'm now going to slather the hell out of my body with Aloe Vera gel. Ugh.

Edit: My skin hurts just taking a shower, people. I'm going to get skin canceerrrrr. On the entire top half of my body.


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