Saturday, June 5, 2010

Old Navy Love

Oh, Old Navy. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

You're awesome (1), you have great skirts (2), and you're cheap (3). And did I mention your awesome gypsy like skirts that fill me with giddy glee? You know, the ones that were ON SALE TODAY!?

Behold, bitches. Giggidy-giggidy-goo.

Doesn't the embroidery look like Polish Pottery? Um...sorta? Ok, it does to me and I loves it. So there. I do have a pattern to make my own tier skirts, but sadly no fabric. Because I need to finish the other skirt first. I really have trouble just finishing one project at a time. I'm telling you, crafters ADD.....

OMG that sexy BowFlex commercial just came on tv. It has "Power Rod" Technology. ::snorts:: Need I say anymore?

Speaking of working out, I'd like to start saving for one of those bikes you can fold up and store when not in use. I have no idea what brand to get, though. Maybe one that comes with that BowFlex guy? But I digress.

Skirts. Yes. I love them so.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Done for the day me thinks.

Ok, so I scrapped the original skirt idea I had because I came up with a BETTER ONE. Old vintage lace, gypsy fabrics, dark grey me all excited and now after sewing part of the bottom skirt together I'm stopping before I do this all night.

Poor Nick hasn't seen me all day as I've been held up in the studio (the bedroom, really. But for now it works, LOL) measuring and cutting and going through my stash of goodies to see what else I could possibly come up with for crafties.

It's a sickness I tell you. And there is no cure.

I did however, take a small break to go outside and tend to my little porch garden.

Naturally I was followed by little soft kitty feet.

Who really loves her grass.
Om nyum nyum nyum...

Curently listening to:

My sew along songs of the day, LOL.

Reflections and a Project List

I have hardly posted anything in the past few months save my neighbor rant (Booo!) and a quick recipe, and for those who actually read what I write on here, I apologise. My world has been spinning in so many directions lately I'm just grateful my head is still at the right place on my body.

Life has been super busy. I'm working full time (whaaa-hooo!) and learning all sorts of new things, and working with one's fiance is as hilarious as it can be frustrating. I'm working on finishing school as I'd like to go back and get a degree to teach science, Nick and I are planning our wedding for the Fall, possibly a Samhain wedding, and we recently lost two little members of our family rather suddenly, one after the other (Patches did not last long without her sister, and holy hell I never want to go through something like that ever again).

I'm still grieving, praying nothing goes wrong with Merlin in his old age. He was our very first ferret fuzzy butt and now we've come full circle as he's the last of the four we were blessed with.

I haven't really had the time for much crafting during all of this, but have resolved to set some time aside for my work each week because without it I just get grouchy and am just not good company, lol.

I'm working on quite a few projects, and all at the same time because I swear, I have crafters A.D.D.

I made Merlin a new hammock stuffed with super plush cotton to make sure it's nice and comfy for his old man bones. I used some of my faux fur leopard fabric so it's super soft and fluffy. So far he's been sleeping in it most of the day, so I'd say it's a hit.

I've also been working on new pillows for the couch. I'm making two of them and so far I'm almost done embroidering the first one. I'm using a triple moon design I found on Urban Threads. Will post pics (of course!) when they're all done.

Allsooo...the bunnies. Yes, I haven't forgotten my bunnies. I'm almost done with one that is being sent out next weekend for a baby of one of my Mom's friends, and a few more being worked on for the shop. Also on my project list is actually getting around to organizing all my crap and actually STOCKING UP THE SHOP. Amazing.

Umm..what else? Oh, skirts! I'm working on a skirt for myself that I'm super excited about. I found this dark grey wool/acrylic fabric on sale at Joann's that I've been itching to use. I also got my Moda Gypsy Rose Charm Pack that I ordered and am making hexagon flowers with it as an embellishment. That's the plan, anyway. We shall see where this insanity leads me, because I found these photos online and am now obsessed with hexagon quilting....

How cool are those? Speaking of quilts, I also have one of those in the works, but more on that later. I have a cat pawing at me for cuddles and a tired Mr. wondering what the hell I'm still doing up. It's 1 in the morning and I'm still looking at quilt photos.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair Beauty Recipe

Natural hair darkening deep conditioner from me to you :). Use once a week for softer, slighty darker hair!

Grind up a few tablespoons of cloves and some dried rose buds (just because!) in a blender or mortar.

Heat up ab. four tablespoons of olive oil on the stove, and add cloves/rose mix.

Pour in a jar, cover, and let sit overnight. When ready to use, strain out the herbs and massage some oil on scalp and use the rest to coat the length of your hair. Gently comb through from ends to scalp.

Cover with shower cap for 20min to retain body heat (you could re-heat the oil as well) and shampoo out!

Let air dry, blow drying will dry out your hair and cause more damage.



Monday, May 24, 2010

There is nothing wrong with me.

So my neighbor won't talk to me anymore. The one who sees aliens. Because I'm a Pagan. Who does spells (same as a prayer, thank you very much). She said she wanted to know more about it, so I printed her out info from a few of my favorite sites , and now she ignores us. I told her a few weeks ago I'd get her some flowers to plant for her porch because she has never had flowers before. I left the flowers on her porch with a note saying I'd be happy to help her plant them.

I found the flowers back by my door, along with a doll I made that I gave her, sitting in a puddle, in the rain. The doll, which took me 2 days to make, was ruined. I knocked on her door to ask what the hell was going on, and she sees me and just says, "I don't want to talk to you anymore, now leave." And slammed the door in my face.

I have helped this woman with her cat, her apartment, taken her to the laundry mat for months as a favor to her because she doesn't have a car, and delt with her fucking alien crazies because I'm a nice fucking person and believe in giving others the time of day when no one else helps them because everyone deserves kindness no matter how nutty they may be.

I am SO SICK AND TIRED of being treated like shit by family, neighbors, strangers, etc. because of a stupid ignorant judgement on their part. There is nothing wrong with ME, nor the beliefs that I have. I don't hurt anyone by praying using elements of nature instead of sitting in a pew, or seeing God as not just one gender or being, or seeing the animals I'm blessed to live with as family and treat them as such.

I'm tired of people in general to the point where I just want to live on an island where no one can bother me, judge me, or bitch at me.

The fucking end.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm now on Facebook

Yup. First twitter, now facebook. I feel like a whore.