Monday, May 24, 2010

There is nothing wrong with me.

So my neighbor won't talk to me anymore. The one who sees aliens. Because I'm a Pagan. Who does spells (same as a prayer, thank you very much). She said she wanted to know more about it, so I printed her out info from a few of my favorite sites , and now she ignores us. I told her a few weeks ago I'd get her some flowers to plant for her porch because she has never had flowers before. I left the flowers on her porch with a note saying I'd be happy to help her plant them.

I found the flowers back by my door, along with a doll I made that I gave her, sitting in a puddle, in the rain. The doll, which took me 2 days to make, was ruined. I knocked on her door to ask what the hell was going on, and she sees me and just says, "I don't want to talk to you anymore, now leave." And slammed the door in my face.

I have helped this woman with her cat, her apartment, taken her to the laundry mat for months as a favor to her because she doesn't have a car, and delt with her fucking alien crazies because I'm a nice fucking person and believe in giving others the time of day when no one else helps them because everyone deserves kindness no matter how nutty they may be.

I am SO SICK AND TIRED of being treated like shit by family, neighbors, strangers, etc. because of a stupid ignorant judgement on their part. There is nothing wrong with ME, nor the beliefs that I have. I don't hurt anyone by praying using elements of nature instead of sitting in a pew, or seeing God as not just one gender or being, or seeing the animals I'm blessed to live with as family and treat them as such.

I'm tired of people in general to the point where I just want to live on an island where no one can bother me, judge me, or bitch at me.

The fucking end.


  1. Part of choosing what to identify with comes with accepting that other people might not like you for it and coming to terms with that. Doesn't matter if it's religion, politics, sexual orientation... People have misconceptions about all kinds of things and hate indiscriminately, both in ignorance and self-awareness. The world sucks. You have to be confident enough in your convictions to let it roll off. Especially after you've taken the time to go out of your way for someone and try to educate her, her actions clearly demonstrate that she is not worth being upset over; the woman believes in aliens and she's going to judge you? Later bitch.

  2. The world indeed does suck a lot of the time. I'm just tired of it being that way, I truly don't see the point. Maybe I'm just naive in believing in the whole do unto others bit, seeing as how it usually never works out, but whatever. I like who I am and that's enough for me.

    Thanks for being one of the few to stick with me throughout the years. You're one of a kind and I loves you :D