Monday, May 31, 2010

Reflections and a Project List

I have hardly posted anything in the past few months save my neighbor rant (Booo!) and a quick recipe, and for those who actually read what I write on here, I apologise. My world has been spinning in so many directions lately I'm just grateful my head is still at the right place on my body.

Life has been super busy. I'm working full time (whaaa-hooo!) and learning all sorts of new things, and working with one's fiance is as hilarious as it can be frustrating. I'm working on finishing school as I'd like to go back and get a degree to teach science, Nick and I are planning our wedding for the Fall, possibly a Samhain wedding, and we recently lost two little members of our family rather suddenly, one after the other (Patches did not last long without her sister, and holy hell I never want to go through something like that ever again).

I'm still grieving, praying nothing goes wrong with Merlin in his old age. He was our very first ferret fuzzy butt and now we've come full circle as he's the last of the four we were blessed with.

I haven't really had the time for much crafting during all of this, but have resolved to set some time aside for my work each week because without it I just get grouchy and am just not good company, lol.

I'm working on quite a few projects, and all at the same time because I swear, I have crafters A.D.D.

I made Merlin a new hammock stuffed with super plush cotton to make sure it's nice and comfy for his old man bones. I used some of my faux fur leopard fabric so it's super soft and fluffy. So far he's been sleeping in it most of the day, so I'd say it's a hit.

I've also been working on new pillows for the couch. I'm making two of them and so far I'm almost done embroidering the first one. I'm using a triple moon design I found on Urban Threads. Will post pics (of course!) when they're all done.

Allsooo...the bunnies. Yes, I haven't forgotten my bunnies. I'm almost done with one that is being sent out next weekend for a baby of one of my Mom's friends, and a few more being worked on for the shop. Also on my project list is actually getting around to organizing all my crap and actually STOCKING UP THE SHOP. Amazing.

Umm..what else? Oh, skirts! I'm working on a skirt for myself that I'm super excited about. I found this dark grey wool/acrylic fabric on sale at Joann's that I've been itching to use. I also got my Moda Gypsy Rose Charm Pack that I ordered and am making hexagon flowers with it as an embellishment. That's the plan, anyway. We shall see where this insanity leads me, because I found these photos online and am now obsessed with hexagon quilting....

How cool are those? Speaking of quilts, I also have one of those in the works, but more on that later. I have a cat pawing at me for cuddles and a tired Mr. wondering what the hell I'm still doing up. It's 1 in the morning and I'm still looking at quilt photos.

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