Saturday, July 11, 2009

How grilling is done in my house.

Smile fo me daddy (What you lookin at?) I want to see your grill (You wanna see my wha?!)

1) Bought a grill on sale because Home Depot had too many and was trying to sell them off ($80! For a $300 grill!).

2) Bought a propane tank. Got propane.

3) Stopped at the store to get buns for turkey burgers.

4) Came home.

5) Carried monster grill upstairs with help of Mr.

6) 20 minutes of cursing and a black and blue arm later, we make it up the stairs.

7) Hooked up the propane.

8) Realized there was no more ground turkey. Sent Mr. back to store.

9) Mr. comes home. Gets ready to grill. Steps outside, and....

10) It starts pouring rain.


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