Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crafts, soaps, and birds, oh my!

It's been super busy here as of late. Labor day weekend was nice, Nick and I spent the day together on Saturday which is rare these days due to his work. Stopped at Old Navy (I fucking love Old Navy!) and got some cute shirts for 5 bucks each. I made homemade tortilla soup for dinner and while Nick worked the rest of the weekend I crafted my ass off.

I'm making Samhain decorations and seasonal soaps. Also, made some special oatmeal and honey soap for Maggie with roses and other herbs to help her skin. Because I'm a hippie. Who showers.

Oh, and I had some unexpected bird visitors today. I let Maggie and Karma out after I got back from the post office (Sorry for the delay, it should be there Saturday, Anna!) and went back into the house to do um, something, I forgot what. Anyway, I hear this loud bang and run outside to see Karma pawing a few warblers (at least I think that's what they are) who flew into my window. I put Maggie in her crate, Karma in the bathroom, and brought the birds inside.

They were in shock and pretty much got the wind knocked out of them, but no other injuries so I put them in a crocheted bowl and left them by the window so they could get some air and I could keep an eye on them.

It took them a good hour or so before they were bright and alert again. I brought them back outside and they hung out on me for 15 minutes or so before they flew away. It was wonderful to be that close to wild birds and even better that I was able to help them out! So sweet.

Will post pics later!


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