Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Lord!

I just got back from chasing Maggie down the block because crazy Irish squeezed under the gate and ran growling after some dude on the other side of the street. Way to go, Dudley Jr. I live to run after over protective dogs on rocks while barefoot. Totally makes my day.

The world is safe once again, super dog. You happy now? Geez.

Also, sadly, I will be without a laptop for a few weeks as the screen has totally been smashed. Nick tripped over the speaker cord which sent the speakers flying right into the screen and cracked the shit out of it.

I'll be taking it to Best Buy this weekend so it can get fixed. Thank god for the warranty. Right now I have the laptop hooked up to my old computer screen which works ok. Gotta love improvising.

Oh, and Nick gets to go to a baseball game tomorrow while I'm stuck at home like some freaking house wife with no life what so ever. Office Max is paying for it so he and a few co-workers get to go watch the Yankee's beat the living snot out of the Mariners (I hope). Corporate seats and all, too. And he doesn't even like baseball! Pffft.

The White Sox are playing the Mariners today, HAHAHA. GO CHICAGO! KICK THEIR ASS! WOO-WOOO!! Ma' home skillets be bringin' it! ::cheers::

Maybe my loser self will make popcorn and watch the new Harry Potter movie on the computer tomorrow?

At least I have Maggie and Karma to keep me company. To bad I can't really hold a conversation with them in my language.

Fun, fun stuff going on this week. You know, for other people.

When did my life get so empty and sad?




  1. Do you even like baseball?

    Also, it's better than what I've done the past two days...serving on a jury!!!

  2. Yeah, I do enjoy a good baseball game. Haven't been to one since grade school, so this is exciting for me! HAH...can you talk about the case? OoOoOo....

  3. Now that it's finally over I can. It was a car accident.