Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ichiro! Ichiro!

Yes, I know the blog is all crazy looking right now but real life shhit got in the way of my changing it for the season, so it'll all get fixed asap. For now though, let me talk about two of the biggest things that went down this past week.

First of all, BASEBALL. How I've missed you! This game was totally fuckin' SWEET. I never screamed so loud or had this much fun in such a long time and it was wonderful. By the end of the night my hands were so red and raw from clapping and I woke up the next day without a voice. Totally blissful.

Nick enjoyed himself and kinda got into the game but was more looking around like we were all crazy. And OMG was it a good game! The Mariners won, and THIS IS HOW THEY DID IT. It was the ending movies are made of.

It was a bit of a slow game but holy shit. It was 2 to 1, Yankees leading and the bottom of the ninth. The Mariners had one more out and they would of lost, but Ichiro Suzuki went up to bat and hits a fucking HOME RUN AND THE MARINERS WON THE GAME. IT WAS PURE AWESOME.

That, and every time A-Rod went up to bat he was booed and this guy sitting next to me kept screaming at him, "Hey A-ROID! YOU SUUCKKK!" And he'd look up at us and this dude was all, "YEAH, I'M TALKING TO YOU, A-ROOOIDDDD." Hilarious.

I told Nick next time we visit Chicago I'm taking him to a Sox game and he was all, "Ok, but if you people are this crazy now, what the hell goes on at Chicago games? Do you pull out guns and shoot each other?" Mayyybeeeee......

Fun, fun times. And then we went home and slept late, woke up and went to the farmer's market. Came home and all hell brakes loose when Nick finds a note taped up on our door from the landlords saying our rent is late and the animals have been alone for more than 24 hours and if we don't call them THEY WILL HAVE ANIMAL CONTROL TAKE OUR PETS and eviction proceedings will start. And there is tape on all the doors and I'm all, WTF? WE WENT TO A BALL GAME. AND I MAILED YOU BASTARDS THE CHECK LIKE I ALWAYS DO.

Turns out they came by while we were at the game and again in the morning when we went to the farmer's market and just assumed we weren't home all of the day before and the day after. So these...these PEOPLE were threatening to take away MY BABIES because of an assumption? And bitched about a check I ALREADY MAILED OUT TO THEM? And because of this threaten to kick us out? I'm sorry, but let's back track a bit, shall we?

Our rent has NEVER BEEN LATE. EVER. We keep this dump nicer than it was when we moved in here. We were promised carpet would be taken out of the bathroom and replaced with tile. Hasn't been done. The roof would be fixed. Hasn't been done. The oven and stove would be replaced because THEY DON'T WORK. HASN'T BEEN DONE. And you people are going to pull this shit when we just went to a ballgame? DUDE.

We're going to look at a nice place on Monday with wood floors, new kitchen, two bedrooms, etc. It's a brand new cottage and if it works out I'll be thrilled to leave this dump and those....PEOPLE behind us.

I'm so pissed off right now. UGH.


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