Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yay, books!

The library gave me a call to let me know the new Karen Marie Moning book Dreamfever is in. I went to pick it up along with some other romances and craft books and man, am I hooked on this series. Not quite a romance, but characters from her romance books do make appearances and are tied into the plot, which is awesome. Plus, sex fairies.

Need I say more?


EDIT: I just finished the book, and OMG IT HAD BETTER NOT BE BARRONS WHO DIES IN THE END. That would suck ass, Moning! He danced with Mac ::sniff:: And had fantastic sex. FOR MONTHS.


  1. That sounds better than the book I'm reading. Apparently the hero is this mysterious rebel who is working the underground French side in Louisiana and he goes by the name...Unicorn. Um, yeah. That's sexy and dangerous. What the hell...?