Sunday, October 25, 2009

This blog has been lacking in adorableness

I can fix that:

She gets around, haha

Adorable? Why yes I am.

Mmmm...comfy Daddy legs

Sugar. We'z likes it.


  1. Whoa just through all the updates on here. So much to see, so much to see..

    !) I love the paint jobs. You guys picked some awesome colors. I especially like the green in the kitchen.

    !) Love the pic of Nick and kitty, so cute!!

    !) Sorry about all the medical issues going on up in here. :(

    !) Love all the pumpkiness.

    !) Love all the pics, especially the rainy, foggy day ones.

    That is all I can tell you (for now).

  2. LOL. I know, I'm like a whirlwind of updates over here. How's the ouchie? Any better?

  3. I luv pet photos! And you look grogeous too. :)

  4. Thank you! I'm biased towards my cat, LOL.