Friday, November 13, 2009

Art classes make Lisa go weeeeeeeeeee!

I got a college catalogue in the mail and decided to enroll myself in a few art classes just for fun. Plus, you know. A good excuse to use my Americorps award money to buy a shit load of top of the line supplies (Can you FEEL MY EXCITEMENT, INTERNET? CAN YOU??)!

They don't start until January and are only 7 weeks long or so, but PEOPLE! MY EXCITEMENT METER IS GOING TO BURST!

I'll be taking a class that uses watercolor, colored pencils and gouache together to create art, a portrait painting class, and a class that uses pastels as both a wet and dry medium.

DUDE. Most fucking excellent. ::squeeee!::


  1. I'm jealous! Hope you have fun!

  2. Yeah, but you'll be taking all those SUPER COOL library classes. I hope you stay awake! LOL

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