Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New sig!

Just so not to confuse those who read this, I've been signing my posts with the letter "K" because of a dream I had a few years back where I was a tiger and my name was Kaltenia. Tigers are very special to me as a love for big cats was something my late Grandfather and I shared, so the dream stood out for me.

Anyway, I woke up, remembered the name and liked how it sounded so I kept it as sort of a "secret" name. The Mr. is really the only one who uses it and I noticed I use my given name (Lisa) in my posts sometimes and that may confuse readers when I sign with a "K", so I've decided to just stick with my given name to avoid any wtf? moments.

Which is why the letter next to my icon has changed, as has my post signature.

Umm...the end. LOL. I felt I had to explain the changes, sorry.

I have such a horrible migraine right now. The light is on in the kitchen and I think I'll go turn it off because holy hell, it's blinding. It's one of those killer migraines where I swear I could hear sound in the light and it's just piercing my brain with knives.