Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ok. So the layout.

Nick still has to help me figure out why the BG only looks nice on a certain size screen and how to fix the problem. So for now, for those who it actually bothers, bear with me. Also, am working on a new shabby banner and am having a blast with photoshop.

We bought a shelf this weekend for all of Nick's office books, so things are being put away and getting off the floor, huzzah! Pics soon as the place sloowwly progresses. Can't rush awesome after all, hehe.

Ohhh, and I'd like to sign up for a few art classes that will be taking place here in January if my Americorps award money can be used for classes that don't really count as credits or anything. That way I can learn more and buy myself some awesome supplies because I'm seriously missing painting.

We shall see!


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