Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finally done!

Sorry for not posting recipes for the last two weeks, or really even updating this blog much for that matter. I've been neck deep in yarn and felt and beads and fabric while working on a gift and I'm finally done and it's been sent out! Can't say what it is because this blog is read by a certain someone, but I hope she likes it. If not, that's ok too, I had a blast making it!

It's always fun to challenge yourself when crafting, and it's even better when it turns out!

Anyways. Hope all my Pagan readers had a wonderful Yule and I hope the upcoming Christmas holiday is wonderful as well! I'll be WORKING this Christmas as the Mr. got a temporary website project for me to do at his company, so some extra income for the holidays!! Thanks, Santa!

Nick will be heading to California in the next couple of weeks for a few days for work, so I'll have the place to myself which means I hope I have some extra $ for fabric and yarn for more crafts because I'm totally out now and what else am I going to do by myself besides watch movies and have conversations with my cat?

Despite going for work related business, I hope he enjoys himself, too. The man works way too hard and doesn't get paid enough for the shit he has to deal with, in my opinion. His parents may drive to the California branch to see him since they're only a few hours away. Speaking of his parents, guess who sent me a Halloween cookbook for Yule with all the witch related recipes bookmarked? Hilarious.

Also, they sent us the new Harry Potter movie which we still haven't seen. Nick wants to wait until we get this new TV and speaker system he's been eyeing, so it may be a little longer until I get to see it. Sigh. Hopefully we can scrape enough $ for it all, but I figure the man works his ass off and if the only thing he wants is a TV that doesn't change the volume on it's own (thanks, goodwill TV), he's gonna get it.

I want a real, honest to goodness full-time job for Christmas, Santa. I'll make you cookies! Filled with weed! C'mon, man!


  1. The gift was freaking awesome!! (In case other readers are wondering: this woman knitted me an entire Hello Kitty stufftie, complete with scarf. And it came in this ridiculously well-done package tied with pretty ribbon with a hair clip she made. It's freaking amazing!!)