Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baking week has begun!

So while the Mr. is away I'm going to be making some treats to practice my skillz and start the decorations for his cake.

I went out and got oodles of supplies and our bank account cried and had to see a therapist, but it's the Mr.'s birthday and I'll have this stuff for years, so what the hell. ...Right?! ::sigh::

I made him a special farewell Mahi-mahi dinner (the above photo was my think he'd eat anything green?) and we watched Angels and Demons.

So now the house is quiet and I'm dreading the night because I hate sleeping alone. I do have Karma to sleep with, so hopefully sleep will come to me at some point tonight (Maggie has never slept with me, the brat).

Anyways, it's time I played around with my new toys! To the kitchen, Batman!


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