Friday, January 15, 2010

The Mr. has returned!

Nick got back yesterday evening and it's nice to have him home! While he was gone I was a crafty-bakey crazy lady and on top of cupcakes I taught myself how to make sugar roses.

I'm still not quite happy with them, but they've been turning out better than the dragon I was working on. It kept drying all cracked and eventually I gave up on it.

Today I'm going to work on roses for the Mr.'s cake, as he told me yesterday he would like a romantic style cake in blues, purples and white (I'm seeing purple roses here!) and what it looked like beyond that was up to me, he didn't care. Like pulling teeth, I tell you.

So someone is actually sorta getting into his birthday this year, although I think it's just because he knows I'm excited to be making a cake like this.

We shall see what I can come up with as he deserves a nice birthday.

And talk about sweet, he brought home a silk lavender robe for me from China Town, a pentacle box, and even took pictures for my blog!

What an adorable knight he is, my sweet man. <3


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