Friday, February 12, 2010

Lisa = Witch

So on Twitter in my bio I said that I'm a witch. My mother is also on Twitter and I get this phone call, "YOUNG LADY WHAT DO YOU MEAN, WITCH?!?".

Well, you know I'm a Pagan mom, and the term Witch is what I relate to the most.

::Gasp:: "You don't cast spells, do you?". Yes, it's like saying a prayer mom.

"Oh no it is not! Lisa, Witches do evil things! Why do you want to be evil!?!"

Etc etc. And bless her, she's really trying to talk with me about it instead of going all ape shit. So it's a start.

Should be interesting when I go visit my family in March.



  1. Good luck. Family can suprise you. I was pleasantly suprised at how understanding my very Pentacostal parents turned out to be but my sister is convinced that I'm going to hell and might rub off on her kids and drag them with me. Oh well such is life.

  2. My mom stopped helping me pay for school when I told her I was pagan and told me I shouldn't of gone to my grandfather's funeral because I had no place being in a church. And her sister and husband are always telling her what a sinner I am. It's so much fun! :/

  3. Happy Valentines Day! Good luck with mom!