Friday, March 5, 2010

Goodnight, sweet girl

Our sweet baby Raine passed on to a new journey this evening in her sleep. She lived a long, happy ferret life full of dancing and stealing and nipping our feet.

She loved stealing anything crinkly sounding and then while dooking away she would runrunrunrun and hide her treasure under a desk or bed.

I remember once we took her to the doctor to have an abscess drained that formed in the back of her mouth and our little crazy always-on-the-go-girl just sighed and lay on my chest while I stroked her soft little ears while we waited for the vet. It was the one and only time in her life she let me hold her like that and stayed still!

I hope you're dancing away in Avalon my baby, weaving in and out of the apple trees and ever blooming flowers.

She died in the company and warmth of her big brother Merlin, who was sleeping with her. We came back from washing the car and doing laundry and found her, still warm. She must of passed right before we came home.

I know she was old and it was her time, but that doesn't make it any easier. I take comfort in the fact that she went peacefully in her sleep, while snuggling with a friend.

We'll all miss you, sweet baby Raine. The tears we're shedding tonight shine with all the happy memories we'll always hold of you.

Dook on, little sister. We love you.

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