Thursday, May 21, 2009

Afternoon Outside

Maggie and Karma spent the afternoon outside with me while I messed with plants for a bit.

Squirrel Toilet

Our fruit trees are starting to produce um...fruit. We have apple trees, cherry trees, plum and apricot trees. The apricots totally look like little fuzzy balls.


And when it was time to go back inside Karma went totally ape shit.

Noooooo.....I dun wanna go inside, ahh! ahhh! ahhhhhhh! Fuck you!

And then ran to the back door and refused to move.

If cats could cry, she would be.

So I finally dragged her in the house where she vented her anger by clawing at Maggie and then hissed at me when I told her to suck it. And then ran off screaming about how it wasn't fair that all the other cats get to be eaten by coyotes and hit by cars and she can't. Cause she's totally missing out on all the fun.

And the whole time Maggie just sat there looking more like a fiber producing farm animal than a dog.


Nick has tomorrow off, and it's Friday which means date night! Excitement loooooooooms.



  1. I knowww. But I'm totally biased because she's my baby and never leaves my side for more than 5 minutes. And can't stand anyone else in the house, so hah!