Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Black Lab - Passion Leaves a Trace <3

I'm just...obsessed with this album. I came across this band while listening to the Darren Hayes station (woo-HOO!) on Pandora. I listened to a few songs and really liked them, found the album and now can not stop playing it.

It's a horrible habit of mine, if I like a song or album it'll just be on repeat all day until I get sick of it or Nick gets tired of hearing it. This is one of those albums for me - It has that magical combination of wonderful lyrics complimented by great instrumentals that just take you places.

"The Window" and "Weightless" make me cry. It's always the ones that make me cry I find I really latch onto.

It's the same with country songs. I usually don't even like country, except for the sad songs. Go figure.


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