Saturday, May 23, 2009

Date Night Friday

Yesterday was really fun, but really um, bad. Here's the bad part:

My healthy diet: Shot dead.

We ended up going food shopping (and then ate out! I know, right?) and just had a nice day of going where ever. We took our time, no rush, and ended up near Port Angeles where I dragged him into store after store of AWESOME SHIT. I ended up getting a few candles for the bedroom while he got off buying crap for his office (The Mr. + Office Depot = Madness). We left around 8AM and didn't get back home till 6-ish. My feet wanted to reach up and choke me.

Then this morning our dishwasher broke, and our oven doesn't want to turn on. Guess who gets to call the landlord? Not I.

This morning we also went to the Uptown Farmer's Market and I wish I brought the camera with me because I saw these HUGE ASS purple and blue poppies that were the size of my hand. And now I want to get some for the yard because they would look so awesome. Plus, you know. Drugs.

We took Maggie with us and I think she was the most popular dog there. This one woman came up to us and was all, A Wheaten Teerriiieerrrrr! These dogs get me every time! You'd better watch her, cause I'd take her home! And I was all, Really? How much are you willing to pay? Because as much as this dog has grown on me she's still the most insane animal I have ever known in my life.

For example. When my in-laws (to beee) came to visit us last year Maggie was so excited to see them that she ran outside and JUMPED ON TOP OF THEIR CAR. With NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER. She's fucking nuts. When you read that these dogs are not as high strung as other types of terriers, these people have NEVER MET MY DOG.

Don't let the big button nose of cute fool you. I can totally fuck all your shit up.

Oh yeah, I got these at the Goodwill today for two bucks.

Re: The stuff of awesome.

I love it when I find things for the house I wanted to make and now have to put no effort forth whatsoever to have them in my (greedy) hands. Because as people who crochet know, adorable items such as these don't just make themselves, it takes a lot of freakin' work. Work that I now don't have to do. So thanks, person who made these pillows. Your work is teh awesome. <3


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