Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet Eros!

Otherwise known as Cupid, Amor, Hot Stuff, etc. Only in bird form. And totally man enough to wear roses and lace. Cause he knows the ladies love it.

I bought the pattern off Etsy and rewrote it based on what I could figure out from it and improvised on the rest. I plan on making Eros his Psyche love in the form of an all white cockatiel. And then I'm going down to the beach to get some driftwood to make a tall perch for the two of them and will be putting it next to my desk. And decorating it with ribbons and pretty girly things because I'm a sucker for punishment.

I miss my birds. They were such a constant in my childhood, always giving me such happy memories. I remember when one of my birds (Smokey) was a baby and I'd rub his soft little orange cheeks and he'd make this adorable cooing-like soft chirp and fall asleep on me. Which is probably why I used alpaca yarn just for the cheeks on this cockatiel, the softness reminded me of him.

Too bad I have a cat who is a little too interested in the birds outside. Otherwise, I'd get a sweet little bird.


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