Thursday, June 25, 2009

The adorableness

It just never stops!

I'm going to eat the camera.

We be chillin'.


No more walks, please. I sleep now.

Maggie and I have been watching the Dog Whisperer everyday and I've been following his advice when it comes to Maggie's behavior and oh my god, the man is amazing. This dog now listens to me. And walks along side me when we go out. And waits for her food and only eats when I tell her "Ok".

THIS IS NO LONGER MY DOG. My dog would glance your way when you'd call her and then decide her ass was more interesting. This dog is happy to follow you and be with you at all times. I can now really communicate with her on a proper doggy level and it's so awesome. And my god, she's so much calmer because she's no longer in charge and seems relieved. We thank thee, oh great whisperer of slobbery beings. You are teh awesome.

Also, we have roses!!

And great big cotton candy like flowers!



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