Sunday, June 28, 2009

Date Night

Yesterday we decided to take some time away from work/job/life stress and spent the day in Seattle.

Best damn Russian pastries EVER.

Where I found a smexy nighty that I'm not sure I can post here (hehe) and am happy to report the Mr.'s jaw was trying to find it's way off the floor. Doesn't get any better than that. Also, I found these adorable (usually expensive!) shoes at the Nordstrom Rack for under 30 bucks.

Plus, while on the way to the city, we stopped off at an antique store we'd never been in before (can't help it, we're junkies) and LOOK WHO I FOUND!!

Ahhh! Ahhhh! It's a Teddy. Fucking. Ruxpin!!

The original Teddy Ruxpin, mind you. From the 1980's. I was obsessed (obsessed!!) with this bear when I was a kid, and my god, I wanted to take him home so bad, but couldn't afford him. So I left him there hoping that I could save up and hope he'll still be there later. Plus, I could check e-bay too, I guess. But I'm crazy and want the "special" one I found!

It was a fun city day.

Also, here's a new face mask recipe I came up with that I love and is perfect for those moments when you just want to take an hour to yourself and relax. Most of these things you can get at a health store. Also, the amount of each depends on how much you want to make, and I only make enough for one mask at a time so I use just a little of everything.

You'll need:

Dried rose petals, old fashioned oats, dried cloves, green clay, honey, bananas, and water.

I took the clay, oats, and dried herbs and ground them all with my mortar and pestle, but a blender would work too. I suggest if you use a blender however, to buy already ground cloves and add them last because if you grind them yourself in the blender, you'll never get the smell of cloves out of it (I'd know, believe me).

Then you mix in some honey (I used a teaspoon for one mask) and a thick slice of banana (I ate most of it first, haha). Mix really well until it's a thick paste and add a small amount of water, maybe a tablespoon.

Apply to your face, put slices of cucumbers on your eyes if you'd like (heaven I say!), put on some relaxing tunes, light a few candles, and just veg out for 40-45 minutes and rinse. Mask will harden as time goes on due to the green clay and afterwards your skin will look clearer and be as soft as a baby.




  1. You should have bought him. I remember that bear, I used to read his books. One of the great authors of our time... Love the hat in your pic, too.

  2. He was 50 bucks, though :( I found a few on Ebay for under 20 bucks, so some Teddy might be in my hands yet!