Sunday, June 28, 2009


I realized while playing with the ferrets tonight that I don't have many pictures of them, and they're really getting on in age.

So while I tried to get photos of the girls, they were like rockets and all the pictures were nothing but a blur, or they whizzed by the camera completely. So I turned to Merlin, who usually never fails to get a few good photos because he's so much more mellow. And adorable.

Yes, I know sugar isn't good for them. Once in a while though, they can live it up.

And I have to admit that as much as I love the girls, Merlin is my favorite. Probably because he's the first ferret I've ever had, but he's also the sweetest and is the only one who likes to cuddle.

I don't think I'll be getting any more ferrets after they all pass, it's just too hard with all the health problems and expensive treatments. I'm lucky that mine are all as healthy as they are (and thank the gods with only one person working right now!).

And it's sad that now their hair is turning all grey and they're losing weight and just getting old. A seven year life span is just too short, and my babies are a little over six.

Yay for new hammocks! Thanks, Mom!

Nick is making tamales for dinner tonight, which means all the animals get some pork along with the usual. Except for Karma, who needs to lose some serious weight.

Why did you stop free feeding me? See how hungry I am? You bitch.



  1. Cats are better pets than ferrets. Jus' sayin'...