Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh no!

She's making more bunnies, people! Run!

She needs some embellishments and a skirt yet, so she's not done. But almost! She has loong arms and looong legs. Maybe she's a ballerina bunny?

My In-laws (to be, I know, we're really dragging this out) are coming to visit soon, I'm excited! They're always so much fun. Who else would come up to me while food shopping with a big bag of chicken flavor that says "Cock" on it and ask, "Want some.....soup?" My kind of people.

Nick better be getting home soon for lunch so I can steal the car and run some errands. Hoping to hear about a possible job this week, the interview went really well, sooo...c'mon, people! You know you want to hire me. I am teh awesome and you know it.


Also, scrapbooking. Like I need another craft to become obsessed with, right?



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