Monday, June 15, 2009

Swinneee Fluuuu

So it turns out one of the engineers Nick works with has swine flu. And I really don't want this shit in my house. So lets hope the germs just STAY AWAY.

I don't want to be sicker than these pills are already making me feel. My head is killing me and I can't stand the nausea. It's only supposed to last for a few weeks, so I'm counting down the days. To keep my mind off it, I found this free pattern.

Best cat pillow ever.

Oh, and the cable is here!! Discovery channel is my friend. I'm obsessed with Taboo and of course, the Dog Whisperer. Oh, and Myth Busters. That is one cool show. Oh, and A Baby Story on TLC!! LOVE IT-AA.

Is not obsessed,



  1. Ick for swine flu and yay for cable! But use it, don't abuse it...there are other channels besides Animal Planet. Like, uh, the scrambled ones.

  2. It's all about Animal Planet!