Sunday, August 16, 2009

Herb Labels and such

Found this awesome blog and made my own labels for my herb jars. Also, this woman is so so talented and I now have oodles of ideas for Samhain decorations.

Also, her paper aging method is awesome for making love letters for your special someone. Also looks cool if the edges of the paper are burnt a bit after being dried with a blow dryer and is put into a sexy red envelope, stamped closed with a wax seal. Oooohhhh.

I'm watching some show on Discovery Channel about tornadoes. Scariest shit ever. I'd rather be back in the middle of hurricanes than have to deal with one of these fuckers. Although hurricanes come with random tornadoes which was scarier to me at the time than the actual hurricane!

Still, I'll bet chasing these things is such an adrenaline rush.

Hahahaha, "What are residents of tornado alley to do to keep safe?" GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE AND MOVE. Problem solved.



  1. This reminds me of that love sack you made me. Which failed, by the way. I know it's very ungentlemanly of me to bring it up, but it's the truth.

  2. LOL. It works like a prayer, me dear. Not all are answered. Either that, or I just suck at charms because my job charm hasn't helped much either, despite all the work I'm putting into finding one.

    But the universe works in odd ways, so who knows? There's someone out there for you!! I know it like the cactus knows it needs the water. ::nods::

  3. But I have heard it said that...cactuses can live without the water.

  4. Only for a little while. But soon...they begin to hunger for the water castrated man hungers for a boner.

  5. Um. Gross. What is he gonna do, eat it?

  6. If that's the team he plays for. LOL