Friday, August 14, 2009

Sewing fun!

Made myself a purse from one of the patterns my mother in law gave me. Nick saw it and burst out laughing and said, "It's a Lisa purse!" Not sure he actually wants to be seen out in public with me now, but fuck him. Because indeed, I do love my leopard print.

I also love my Bobby Jack Monkey. How can you not?

I look so stylish in boxers. Oh yes.

I'm quite proud of it actually, as it's the first actual purse I've made by myself and not just a random bag to throw all my shit in.

Plus, I figured out how to sew in the lining properly so you can't see any seams, which is actually really easy once you figure out just what the hell the directions are telling you. Because they assume you know what you're doing and like to skip parts while speaking gibberish.

The bastards.

Oh! Look who I found hanging out on the side of my door!

His name is Goober. Because I said so. And I shit you not, he was almost the size of my hand.

Slimy deliciousness. Yes.



  1. a. You are so freaking talented.

    b. That slug is gross.

    c. That monkey is cute!

  2. Hahaha. Sewing things like purses is easy-peasy. One day I show you, child. Wait until I try my hand at sewing myself clothes. You won't think I'm so talented then, LOL!

    Goober is adorable! ::squiggles::