Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm never going to eat again

So Nick's family came to visit for a few days and as always it was days of hilarious-ness. You can never get tired of these people. They are so kind, funny, and understanding you just want to put them in a box for safe keeping. Even Maggie misses them, and she was thrilled when they got here. No car jumping this time, though.

We hung out, went to Seattle, ate way too much food, and made more memories. They got me a basket filled with craft stuff for my birthday that the whole family put together and Heidi made me a case for my crochet hooks as well as helped me figure out how to read sewing patterns for some clothes. They didn't have to do all that and the whole visit was just lovely.

Rick took a few pictures of Nick and I that I can't wait to get (by a carousel!) and I got a few nice ones with my camera as well.

I love this one

I love Garrett's sarcasm. I still think you two would be perfect for each other, Anna! Mwahahaha...

Also, this wouldn't be my blog without pictures of my babies, now would it?

Dis kibble. I take it from you.



  1. Haha, you know, Garr-bear and Nick look NOTHING alike!! The pictures of Maggie below are of course cute, but you already know I am all Team Karma.

    I hate my tarot read yesterday and thought of you, because you're mysticalness.

  2. Ohhh, who read your cards? Hope it was a good reading! <3
    Haha, Garrett and his sister look like Heidi and Nick looks more like his dad. I will get you two to meet, I swear to God! LOL!

  3. It was an OK reading, I met someone at a party who did it. She may or may not have been drunk, but seriously, the stuff she said was so vague that OF COURSE it was true, because no one could possibly deny any of it. "You had a bad relationship with a man." Like who hasn't? Etc.

  4. General readings suck. I've had some awesome ones done, but some fake hacks ruin it for everyone.

  5. I'm interested to see if what she predicted will come true. Although I did ask one particular question that the "reading" told me to do, so I did it, and it blew up in my face, so what is that shit? We'll see.