Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pagan Blogging

I've been reading (and following!) quite a few Pagan blogs as of late, because it's wonderful to read thoughts and experiences of those who I can really relate to. I have no family members who are Pagan, nor friends who follow this path. It would be wonderful to have others to talk with and become friends with who share a similar way of experiencing life.

I really do love and am proud of my beliefs because it's one of those few things that make me feel so peaceful and happy and just connected. It's my own little blessing, really, and I want to celebrate it with others and learn new things about my path and myself. So I've done a few things.

I'm participating in an October Blog Party for the Samhain season. I'm signing myself up for giveaways like the Queen of Cups giveaway over at Domestic Witch . I'm participating in a Samhain swap over at MysticWicks and am so excited!

I want to be a part of a Pagan community and letting go and really throwing myself out there seems to be the best way to do that. So for anyone who is new and reading my blog, WELCOME! It's wonderful to meet you and I hope we can get to know each other.

And to anyone lurking in the shadows, come out and say hi! Life isn't any fun by yourself, come out into the sunshine and enjoy the beauty around you!

Because it's there, I promise you, even if it takes awhile to seek it out.



  1. It's really great meeting people who share your interests, whatever those may be. :D

  2. I know, right? You're lucky you have people on your blog, and hell, a podcast you were able to participate in! That is still so super awesome to me.

  3. Yeah, but I've been blogging for like seven years and all the hype just happened within the last few months. It took a lot of time and it's not like I really know any of them. I never met those people until the night we recorded the show through the Internet. It's all very exciting but I'm just enjoying my five minutes of fame. I think I said something like readers are what keep me writing. Yeah right! I wrote even when no one was reading and if they all disappeared I would still be fucking blogging about shit most people don't care about. That's why you gotta love what you do.

  4. Your blog is awesome and unique even, I think, to those like me who don't really listen to Japanese music. I wouldn't listen to hide or Ayumi if it wasn't for you. I practically lived in your house and was always amazed with your passion in music.

    I loved sitting with you and listening to music or watching concert DVDs with you because it was one of those few things that just made your eyes light up and you just got lost in it and it made you happy. Remember those Sailor Moon videos? Cookies baked with love!

    You've inspired me to give all sorts of music a try, even if I don't understand the culture or language per say, I can still pick out the emotion in the songs.

    Your writing is a gift and it's wonderful and I'm glad people are really starting to take notice of it.