Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I can't think of a subject line, hahaha.

So I got a call from the temp agency I signed up with awhile ago and they had a job for me which I'm going to tomorrow. It's only a one day thing (temp is right, geez), but it's something. And whatever money I make I have to buy myself some clothes because trying to find something to wear to "work" was INSANE as I have no freakin' clothes, really.

Old junky t-shirts and a pair of jeans with holes is just not professional, thanks.

So. I really need a job and hopefully more temp ones will come up while I continue to find something full time.


Also, I forgot Nick left the living room window open and at some point Karma got out. By the time I realized she wasn't in the house I was in a panic and ran outside to find her. I was out there for not even two seconds when she comes running up to me YOOWWLLINNNGG because it was raining and she was soaked, hahaha.

You'll think twice next time you try to get outside, cat. Better to get stuck in the rain then hit by a car, though. You dolt.



  1. My cat used to go barreling out of the door when I opened it but now she usually doesn't go further than the stairs next to it.

    Hope today goes well!

  2. I remember when she was little and we took her to the park on a leash and she kept climbing up the trees.

    Man, nothing is as adorable as a cat.