Friday, October 9, 2009

The Nobel Peace prize? Seriously?

Can someone please explain to me why Obama got the Nobel? Maybe I'm not following, but doesn't one actually have to oh, I don't something totally freaking awesome to get one (not counting Al Gore. Because I could talk about climate change all day long as well as anyone else with a science background, but that man is a complete douche bag)?

Not to piss people off with politics, but wtf? Yes, I voted for the man, but he's not a god and he sure as hell hasn't done anything to deserve the fucking Nobel Peace Prize. At the very least let's wait until the man has a full term under his belt, eh? Jesus.

Anywho. I'm behind on the October party. And omg, that award! I didn't choose people! I'll get to it all asap! I painted the new place today (will post pics, weee!) and we started moving shit in. And then I came back to our current place and was all, dammit. This place really does suck. I wanna go back to the better one!


Ohh, spoookkyyyy...


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