Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th!

It's been crazy here the past couple of days. Sorting through boxes (of you know who's paper mountain), getting storage keys, getting utilities transferred, packing, cleaning, packing, packing....packing. Whew.

I am never doing this myself again. Omg.

On top of all the crazy, Maggie has a skin allergy to something. So I made her a special skin shampoo, gave her benadryl, and groomed her. And then had the urge to stick her fluffy little butt in the middle of on-coming traffic.

Who, me? Pssh. Whatever. I'm gonna go pee on something.

This dog. Hates. Grooming. Hates it. Hates it so much in fact, that I'm the only one who will brave the Maggie waters of chilly doggy doom and bring out the scissors. My legs are scratched up and bleeding because she's terrified of getting her nails clipped. And how dare I try to dry her legs?

We've tried taking her to a groomer and her nail phobia was so bad they had to knock her out and her hair cut was shit and she had razor burns. It's easier to just do it myself, it saves money, but holy shit. You bring out those clippers and Maggie will whip out some eyeliner, get all emo and start reciting "The Raven" to herself while doing everything she can think of to avoid you.

Fun times, dog. Hope your skin feels better now, you snot.

Anywho. The October blog party continues. Today I'm working on my Samhain Swap gifts to hopefully be mailed out soon. The woman I got in the swap loves penguins, soooo....we'll see what I can come up with. Should be fun!


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