Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to our Castle!

I have to get some more updated pics, but here's what I got off the camera so far:

Last night in the old place ( was cold in there)

Kitchen before painting

Kitchen after painting

Moving In

Painting the bedroom

Setting up the bed

My awesome vanity table

Setting up the bathroom with cute old windows

I still have a lot of work to do. The bedroom and kitchen need some nice rugs, the bathroom is going to be all shabby chic looking, and I'd like shabby chic looking oven mitts and towels for the kitchen as well. We need to buy shelves for Nick's office area so once that's done I'll get a pic of that and the tv and couch area also.

The ferret cage and Karma's litter pan are nicely tucked away in a small closet area just off the bathroom (don't worry, I took off the door so it's not like the fuzzies are just closed away and ignored or anything) and Maggie's crate is currently under Nick's office desk.

It's still a bit cluttered in here as things still need to get organized, but once the shelves are in the space will really open up.

After Thanksgiving once the sales really hit we're planning on going to Tacoma to shop for a pretty shabby shower curtain and a new comforter for the bedroom and just general cottage looking things for the place.

Oh, I was at the goodwill the other day and found some genuine polish pottery for $3! It's this cute little sugar jar or something with a lid and I saw it at another store for $50! Mine, bitches!

God, I love a good deal like that. Almost better than sex.



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