Saturday, October 24, 2009

I love my Mr.

So due to all the moving craziness I forgot that I was running out of my anti-depressants until I only had about a day and a half worth of pills left. I had to get the doctor's approval before I got another refill, so I called them so they could call the pharmacy.

To make a long three day saga story short, the doctor's office either got the amount wrong, or the type of pill wrong (generic brands all the way. I'm not paying $70 when I can pay $10), etc and I was left with no pills for three days while calling back and forth trying to figure out wtf was going on while feeling like I was literally losing my mind.

Because I was off the pills I had horrible withdrawal symptoms to the point where I just wanted to die. I couldn't even talk without my head pounding and I was nauseous, feverish, and just plain out of my mind. It's something I never want to go through again.

Anyway, it got so bad that I didn't trust myself to drive the car, so when I dropped off lunch for Nick I told him just to take me back home because I couldn't concentrate well enough to drive safely.

Next thing I know Nick is back home with my refill. Turns out he went to the doctor's office right after dropping me off, explained what was going on with the back and forth with the pharmacy and wouldn't leave the office until they fixed it and I got my meds.

The man is a champion, let me tell you. I still feel pretty crappy, but nothing like I felt yesterday. I wish I could find a medication that didn't have such severe withdrawal symptoms, but this is the only one I've been on that actually makes me feel better and more like myself. Without it I have mood swings of crazy, which is just not cool with me.

So to my Mr., you are teh awesome especially now since you're making a dream whip pie with a freakin' OREO COOKIE CRUST. God, you know how to make a woman feel loved.



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