Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm freakin' back, people! Posts and pics to come! We finally got our internet back up and Maggie almost took the arm off the poor broadstripe guy. I had to put her in her crate and she was still growling and snarling at the poor man. I have no idea what she didn't like about the guy, but when he left he was all, bye Maggie! And Maggie just barked some more at him.

What a warrior.

Also, I'm coming down with the flu on top of a wisdom tooth bothering me which I have to get pulled soon before I do it myself! I think I'm going to make my totally un-famous "Lisa Slop" where I buy a cheap can of chicken soup and add heaps of rice to it to the point where there is more rice than actual soup. No idea why I love it so much, but it's one of my crazy comfort sick foods. Plus it's just fun to see the look on the Mr's face as the rice adds up.

But first I'm off to find my camera cord and start organizing pictures!


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