Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Like old times

Some things, I think, won't ever change, really. I'm currently sitting on the bed working on a few sketches of some paintings I'd like to do once I have my supplies.

Nostalgia washed over me as Karma came to join me on the bed. Dudley, my old Maltese would always come up on the bed with me when I was a child, sketching or playing with a new medium.

I remember him laying there, almost on top of my work sighing, sounding not unlike an old man trying to make his way up a set of stairs, creaking all the way.

He was my constant companion whenever I worked and now Karma is exactly the same, leaning over my paper while trying to grab my eraser out from my fingers.

I'd talk to him as I worked, as I talk to her and she'll answer with her rumbling meows and lick my arm.

It's the best of moments that I'm lucky to share with yet another furry friend of mine.

Life never feels as beautiful or as calm then when I'm working on a painting with a friend by my side.

~From L's phone

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