Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What is your great passion in life?

I'm a sucker for art. I live to create it, to take a piece of a world that exists in my mind and put it to paper and give it a life of its own. There's nothing else in the world like it and I find painting to be a very personal and spiritual experience. Every color seems to breathe on its own and when they all come together in different shades, patterns,'s just beautiful to me.

Master painters like Sandro Botticelli and John Waterhouse never fail to draw me in and the works of Wyland are a complete obsession of mine. Artists like these have this special gift where they can take something beautiful in life like a beam of sunlight glowing underwater or the soft, round shape of a beckoning woman and somehow make it seem even more magical, more sacred.

Chances are I'm never going to be as good as the old masters, but I've been really thinking lately about what really, truly makes me happy and painting is one of the main things I thought about. I always thought I'd study whales and just paint on the side, but I really don't fit in with the scientific community, at least those I've met in it. Sorry, but I tend to care more about the well being of the animals then getting my work published.

And labs and things just...aren't me. I think I was the only one in my class who had a problem with experimenting on animals in lab and if they died? Oh well, go get another one! No thank you. Give me a group of kids and a paintbrush and I'm all set, thanks.

So I'm wondering my awesome readers, what is your great passion in life? What is the one thing you love to do above all else?

Also, totally unrelated, my hair grows too slow. And it's frustrating me. I've been growing it out for the past two years and it's just now alllllmost reaching the middle of my back. Juusstt almost there. It started at my shoulders and I trimmed it every couple of months for awhile to cut away old dye and damage, and then just let it grow. And it's sooo slloowwww.

I want it down to my waist because I love how it looks and I'm a stupid romantic. As in, saving having it down for only special occasions with the Mr. and such things. Is that stupid? I always thought it was kinda romantic, but then again do you know how many romance novels I own? Too many. And the last time I counted it was close to 300 and those are only the ones I could find at the time.

My kids are going to get awesome bed time stories, hahaha.

Sad, isn't it?



  1. My passion would be costumes. Whether historical, ethnic or just plain weird. My two major hobbies are Belly Dance and Medieval Reenactment because I can make costumes for them. While I'm not opposed to finding a great deal on a Salwar Kameeze from India at the thrift store my favorite costumes are the ones I have made myself (sometimes even going so far as to hand weave the trim). I will watch the stupidest movie if it has good costumes and will be distracted the entire time if a movie has bad costumes.

    Good luck with the hair. It looks beautiful. Pretty and wavey. Did you have it braided? I like to braid mine wet and then it looks like that when I take it out.

  2. That sounds so cool! I'd love to take a belly dancing class, but I can't dance worth crap! I wish I had the sewing talents to make pretty dresses and things, do you have any advice on a good project for a beginner?

    Yeah, I braided it early that morning, other wise it dries in frizzy curls and looks all crazy. Thanks for the comment! <3

  3. If you have a sewing machine I'd recomend making aprons as a starter project. You can make the boxey ones that are mostly straight lines and just use fun fabrics to spice them up and they make great gifts. PJ pants are a great beginners project too. Don't be like me and try a boned bodice or 15 yd tribal belly dance skirt for early projects. It might be hazardous to your sewing machine :) (insert printer scene from "Office Space" here)

  4. Hahaha, awww, I'm sorry about your sewing machine! I think I have a pattern for an apron somewhere I could try.

    Man, that's a good movie. I love the nerdy guy in the beginning with the rap music :)

    Thank you!

  5. If you don't know what my passion is, you are not my friend!

    P.S. You should post more of your artwork on here.

  6. Psshhh... I know alllll about your passions, missy. Tee-hee.

    And I will! I'm planning on taking a few art classes as an excuse to use my americorps award $ to buy myself really nice supplies since I have to be in some form of school to use the $. Gonna get me my own laptop too, me thinks.