Friday, December 4, 2009

Antique store

So while I was waiting for Nick yesterday after my job interview(which I haven't yet heard back from so I assume they hired someone else because they wanted someone by Monday) I hung out at a favorite antique store of mine.

I love junk stores, you never know what you'll find, and it's fun to think about where all these things came from.

So of course, I find things I like but have no money for. Go figure. I'm hoping to hear back from two other job places, so we'll see. Job searching is so depressing because it makes me feel like a total failure when nothing comes out of it and then I just come home and cry. Blah.

Does anybody remember The 10th Kingdom? That tv series that was on years ago? The Mr. and I were talking about my love for fairy tales last night and I brought up this tv series and he has never seen it!

He wants to watch it now, so I have to find it somewhere. I remember having a crush on Wolf. Go figure, haha. Who doesn't love a man with uh...a bushy tail?

Mr: "Why is it we can't watch anything without me feeling jealous?"

Me: "I dunno. I can't help it if I love penis... oohh, wait, change the channel back. Did you see that one?"



  1. How does the last half of this post even exist.

  2. What, the penis half? Love the penis, Anna. Love it. Plus, you know. My mind just wanders, so my writing does too. To penis.