Sunday, December 6, 2009

Can't fall back asleep...

So I thought I'd blog for a bit, then just get up and do some house work or something.

So Nick got these PJs for himself yesterday that he was excited about, yet when we came home and he tried them on, I just about died.

The conversation was pretty much:

" What do you think?"

"Oh my god, I'm sleeping with a five year old!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Here, take this teddy bear and pose for me. And look creepy."

You see that? I'm a paedophile. I molest this child. Often in public places and dark corners.

He's such a good boy.



  1. EL OH FREAKING EL. That just made my day. And week.

    And what the hell, I couldn't sleep last night either. Tossed and turned until 8am, finally fell asleep for a bit then got up at 11am. WHAT IS THAT.

    Also, I know a grown man who owns a dinosaur onesie. Discuss.

  2. Is it a manly dinosour at least? Like a t- Rex?