Friday, December 11, 2009

Hope I sleep tonight!

I never slept last night, so sleep at this point would be great. Today sucked and tomorrow isn't looking any better. I have to drive all the way out to Tacoma (like two frigging hours) because the Mr. has to get some computer thing for work.

Sucks. Like today sucked. Because I went through it on no sleep.

I ended up crying on the phone while talking to my mother due to money stress, and for the first time in...forever, she didn't scream or have a snide remark and we ended up talking about how she treated my brothers and I growing up and how different things have become for the better now, and it was just a conversation I never thought I'd ever have with her.

I think I'm finally at a place in my life where I'm at peace with certain things and I just want to move on from the past and live life.

It's just too damn short to dwell on bad memories. Yeah, I still have issues I'm going through, but I'm in a much better state of mind than I used to be.

And it was nice to talk to the mother side of my mom for once instead of running from the Nazi side.

Anyways, it was an emotional morning for me. And then stupid me decided that the oven needed to be cleaned and I turned on the automatic cleaner and lo and behold, the fucking thing started on fire.

I turned off the power to the kitchen as my smoke alarm went off and in a complete blind panic called Nick at work and was all, "The oven! The kitchen!" And he was all, "Why the hell are you calling me and not the fire department, woman?!"

And I said something totally brainy like, "It's not bad enough to call 911! But there's smoke everywhere!".

I know, I'm a dipshit. But it went out on it's own and I got the smoke out. Apparently there was turkey grease on the bottom of the oven that caught on fire due to the super high temp of the oven cleaning.

I'm never going to clean the damn thing again either, because I'm twice as dumb as I am smart.

I'm just going to blame it on lack of sleep and hope I'm not as much of a dumb ass tomorrow.



  1. Glad to hear you had a moment with your mom. Hopefully there will be more sane moments in the future.

    Also the oven thing sounds scary. I barely ever go near mine...

  2. Yeah, any cleaning will just be done with the spray stuff, me thinks. And the moments where I don't feel like I live in a nut house are awesome.