Thursday, December 10, 2009

No sleep for me tonight

I am. So. Tired. But my body hates me apparently, so I'm still awake. If I'm still up in the next hour I might as well watch tonight's Craig.

Gonna try for yet another job tomorrow. Also, I'm working on a few holiday gifts and one in particular is driving me nuts because the pattern is written out in symbols instead of words and I'm not used to reading them like this. Thanks, Japan. YOU SUCK.

Hmm...what else? I watched the movie "Max" yesterday while crafting, and I really enjoyed it. It certainly does make you think, and hey, JOHN CUSACK. The secret love of my life. *swoon*

I've had this *thing* for him since I was a kid and it's still there. Heaven.

Nick is snoring again, dammit. I got those nose strip breathe right things on sale and he won't use them. I'm about ready to shove the whole box up his ass and go sleep on the couch with Karma. At least her purring is soothing and doesn't sound like a rhino in labor.

Yay! He turned over! Maybe I can fall asleep before he starts up again. That would be just fan-fucking-tastic. Where the hell is the sandman? I hope he's good looking. And wearing leather.

You sexy sandman, you. Come to ma' bed and make with teh sleeps!


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