Monday, December 28, 2009

Tale as old as tiiiime...

I'm watching an old Beauty and the Beast movie in French. This is by far my favorite fairy tale.

I have to say though, I much prefer Disney's version of the Beast. He should of stayed that way, the prince dude he turned into was a complete fop. The Beast form was sexy. All gruff and primal n' shit. HOT.

Anyways. I'm thinking of putting hair clips up in the shop and am playing around with some designs.

Maybe even something for dogs, too!

Hmmm...this version kinda makes me want to hurl something at the tv. The Beast is such a simpering little wimp.

What the hell.



  1. Pretty Kanzashi (probably spelled that wrong). I made some in blues to be snowflake ornaments this year. You should put them in your shop.

  2. Anna, cats would be hilarious. Except yours. She might kill people.

    Lyneya, thank you! I actually haven't tried Kanzashis yet, but that's next on my list! It's cool that these look like them though, mwhahaha...