Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ideas for a stubborn man's birthday?

So I'm sitting here bitching to Karma about how there are only five job ads in the paper this week for the ENTIRE TOWN. FIVE. For a town of thousands of people. And I applied for two, so there's that. Anyway, it got me thinking.

I feel so guilty for not bringing in money full time and I know Nick is stressed because of it. He says its due to his job, but I know that if there was more $ being brought in, he'd be less stressed than he is now. So, you know. I'm doing my guilty thing where I feel like I'm the cause of all the evils in the world, yadda yadda yadda. And I need to learn to just breathe and relax a bit myself.

However, the man needs to chillax as well. He works all day, comes home and works some more. Takes no vacation time, even works most weekends. And his birthday is coming up and I want to do something special for him, but it has to be something I don't spend money on seeing as how we're broke.

Last year I made him this dude because the Mr. is crazy about chameleons. This year I plan on making a nice dinner and a cake, but would like to do something else too.

I have no idea what that something else is though, as Nick is a bitch when it comes to his birthday. He sees it as one more year where he didn't get where he wanted to be from the year before, whereas I see birthdays as an anniversary of someones existence, and as such it's a special time to celebrate said person and let them know how much you love them and appreciate having them in your life (at least when it comes to other people. I can be a bitch about my birthday as well, haha).

The people he works with doesn't even know his birthday is coming up and if I told them he'd be so pissed off. I'm not even kidding, the man probably wouldn't talk to me for weeks. So I need to find something to do for him along with the usual cake and dinner that isn't all SURPRISEZOMGITSBIRFDAY! but isn't just an afterthought, either. Because he's special to me dammit, and he's going to hear about it whether he likes it or not.

I have less than four weeks to put together something AWESOME here, people. And I need ideas. I figure I can do the bulk of the decorations (An excuse to craft? Hell yes. He's not escaping decorations.) when he's in California, but for the main gift I'm clueless this year.


Speaking of gifts and special people, here's the Hello Kitty winter doll I crocheted for my long time friend Anna, from appears.

Of course looking at it now I see a bunch of things I could of changed or made better, but for my first Hello Kitty she's not terrible! I've been working on some cute itteh bitteh amigurumi fairy kitties with left over yarn. Karma has been helping me with the basic sketch out for a pattern, and so far we have teh cute!


  1. Sounds like you love your hubby a whole lot. I am the worst gift giver ever though. Ummm, maybe if you give more details like how much $$ if any you have on hand to spend. That might help with the ideas.

  2. Ha. Maybe $20. Maayyybe. And thanks for any ideas!

  3. You know, I have a man who sounds so much like yours it's uncanny. Anyway, one of the best birthdays I did for him was his favorite dinner, a cake recipe of his mothers that he loved, and a full body massage to soothe his stressed out nerves. I lit candles and played Black Aria (classical/metal music that relaxes him). He loved the attention and pampering, and said it made him feel very special. If your man is into something of this nature, it might be an idea. And there is always the fulfillment of a fantasy he might have too.. that one is always a pleaser. :)

  4. ::giggles:: I could roll his birthday and v-day all in one. Mwhahahaha....