Monday, February 8, 2010

Vet visit

I have a fat dog. On the road to this:

Which is really pathetic when you take into account how active and crazy she is. So she's going to have her food controlled and I have to stop myself from feeding her crap while I rub her adorable belly and squeal like a nut.

Also, the vet noticed a few flea bites on her belly and I was all, yo Dr. Dude, there are no fleas on this dog. I bathe her once a week. She gets brushed out every other day. She's treated like a queen, man. No fleas.

But I guess because of the unusually warm winter here (sorry, east coast America) the fleas are going bonkers and at some point she got bit a few times which is going to fuck up her allergies all over again, so I got allergy meds for that along with ear meds.

And I learned something awesome and money saving, if you have more than one cat or a medium sized dog and cat like I do and you use frontline, buy a pack for large dogs instead of a pack for each animal. Each cat gets .5ml on his or her back and your dog gets the rest.

The doctor told me one large dog vial is enough for all 5 of his cats a month. Super awesome.

So soon our girl will be back to her bouncy crazy pay-attention-to-me-now PLAYPLAYPLAY self. For now she's hangin' in her crate with her bear all tuckered out.


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