Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm back! My trip to Chicago was so fun!

I saw my brother's firehouse, did oodles of shopping with my mom, hung out with a great friend, spent time with my dog, joked around with my younger bro, celebrated my dad's 54th birthday and just had a wonderful time all around.

My older brother and I. We haven't changed much, really LOL.

Me and my brothers of awesome.

My darling old man!

The weather was beautiful when I got back and since then it has been getting nice and stormy, which I love.

Karma and I have been catching up on our cuddling.

And I'm about to put some spring bunnies up in the shop!

More details about them later. For now it's off to bed!



  1. For whatever reason, your brother looks a lot more bald in this picture then he did in person. It was awesome hanging out, though! We mus do again soon!

  2. He might of shaved his head again? No idea, lol! But yes, we must! Wish it was longer!