Friday, July 3, 2009

Some reasons I love to garden


Lilies that look like sunsets.

Apples growing in bunches.

Cherries, almost ready!

And Blue Boy Button flowers that I planted from seed.

What a gorgeous summer it's been so far. Also, I found this and went crazy. I can use it on the stove?! Are you serious? Nick was all, "And you can use it when you cook meals for holidays, wouldn't it be nice for Samhaaaiiiin...?" And I'm like, dude! Don't make me want it more at $140! You know I can't afford it, so why tempt meeeee.... Wahhhhh...!

Ok, so now a flippin' cauldron I can COOK WITH that I've been looking for for years is at stake here. Universe! I've been doing my part! GIVE ME A JOB. Pronto! Screw bills, I see cool shit in my future!

Also, have a happy fire-boom-crack-bang-cracker! 4th of July. Practical Magic is on tomorrow night, which is a favorite of mine since it was filmed nearby, so that's what I'll be doing. Watching awesomeness with the Mr. and going, I walked past that! It took me two and half hours in the blistering heat to get there! Cause I walked! Because someone didn't want to take the free bus.

You douche.


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